303 Fabric Cleaner

303 Fabric Cleaner 32oz


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Product Description

303 Fabric Cleaner


303 Fabric Cleaner is a product that does it all, from completely removing dirt to loosening soaked-in stains. Even the most soiled fabrics and furniture can look new again. 303’s specialty indoor-outdoor solution works as well on your living room couch as it does on teak chairs smothered with bird droppings and tree sap. For months of shine, combine it with a topcoat of Fabric Guard.

  • Contains no caustics or acids
  • Safely removes difficult stains like oil, grease, wine, ink and pet stains
  • Safe for all water-safe materials
  • Rinses residue free
  • Safe for teak, resin, plastic, vinyl and metal
  • Makes patio furniture shine like new
  • Quickly and safely removes stubborn stains
  • Designed for all water-safe fabrics
  • Non-flammable and non-fuming