Hanamint Bella Dining Chair

Hanamint Bella

Product Description

Hanamint Bella is beautiful, lovely and attractive. Bella is the Italian word for beautiful, and this outdoor furniture collection will certainly please any eye that beholds its classic style. The Bella chairs offer openwork in the backrest that features a foliage decoration which mixes the traditional acanthus leaf motif with palmetto patterns, both beautiful designs that figure heavily in both architecture and furniture from European history. Hanamint constructs their designs carefully, being sure to use timeless patterns and motifs. This allows you to bring unforgettable patio furniture, such as the Bella Dining Collection, to your outdoor space that will never go out of style.

By Hanamint

Bella Dining Arm Chair # 243141 – W 24.4″ x D 18.3″ x H 36.6″ LBS 16.25 SEAT HEIGHT 15.7″

Bella Dining Swivel Rocker Chair # 243341 – W 24.4″ x D 18.3″ x H 36.6″ LBS 25.5 SEAT HEIGHT 15.7″