Grade AA Sunbrella


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These grade fabrics include 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic fabrics from the top U.S. mills including Sunbrella and Outdura. These all-weather fabrics offer a five (5) year warranty covering loss of color or strength from normal exposure including sunlight, mildew or rot.

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6' Fits ribs 36" - 37"
7.5' Fits ribs 45" - 46"
9' Fits ribs 53" - 54"
11' Fits ribs 65" - 66"

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Product Description

By Treasure Garden

Since 1984, Treasure Garden has manufactured the widest selection of shade products in the world. We offer more than 25,000 choices of shade umbrellas and accessories. From our revolutionary Easy Track® series to our state of the art Cantilevers and Collar Tilt Collections, Treasure Garden has the perfect shade solution for your outdoor environment.

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Fabric Color


Jockey Red, Burgundy, Dupione Sand, Dupione Walnut, Straw Linen, Sesame Linen, Ginko, Henna, Bay Brown, Dupione Bamboo, Sunflower, Tangerine, Tuscan, Melon, Brick, Rust, Capri, Sapphire Blue, Coal, Teal, Aruba, Palm, Parrot, Macaw, Dupione Deep Sea, Dupion Galaxy, Dupione Celeste, Dupione Laurel, Dupione Paradise, Dupione Peridot, Dupione Cornsilk, Dupione Bamboo, Dupione Nectarine, Cabana Classic, Cabana Emerald, Cabana Regatta

Fabric Size


6 ft, 7.5 ft, 9 ft, 11 ft, 10′ Square Cantilever for AKZ frame, 10′ Square Cantilever for AKZ frame With Valance, 10 x 13 Rectangle Cantilever / AKZ frame, 13′ Oct. Cantilever / AKZ frame, 13′ Oct. Cantilever / AKZ frame With Valance, 11.5′ Square Cantilever / AKZ frame, 11.5′ Square Cantilever / AKZ frame With Valance, 11′ Oct. Cantilever / AKZ or AG frame, 11′ Oct. Cantilever / AKZ or AG frame With Valance, AG19 RD or AG8.5 SQU Cantilever frame